21 March 2024 Article

Boosting Badminton Sports, Aice Supports the 2024 Senengminton Festival


Aice supports the implementation of an event titled the 2024 Senengminton Festival, initiated by the Kudus PBSI District Executive Board in collaboration with the Bakti Olahraga Djarum Foundation and the PB Djarum Foundation.


The event took place at the Djarum Sports Hall in Jati, Kudus, Central Java, and was attended by 360 students from 20 elementary schools in the city of Kudus a few days ago.


The organization of this badminton festival for elementary school students is in line with Aice's vision of bringing happiness through various high-quality ice cream products presented to the Indonesian community.


Aice's support is also part of the 15 Days of Aice Sharing Health program, which is a routine program aimed at making positive contributions to society, especially in encouraging healthy lifestyles, including through sports.


Since its inception three years ago in 2021, through the 15 Days of Aice Sharing Health program, Aice has supported sports activities every month, such as supporting the Wing Chun Championship for two consecutive years since 2022.


Also, recently, they have built a multi-purpose field located at Pondok Pesantren Babussalam, Lombok, and others.


As a producer of ice cream committed to healthy and delicious snack innovations, Aice participated in the 2024 Senengminton Festival by providing hundreds of mochi ice creams to the participants. Additionally, Aice also provided 1 box of Aice Mochi to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, as well as to their coaches.


This is done by Aice as a form of healthy and delicious appreciation for their achievements, as well as to encourage a positive spirit of competition and healthy lifestyle among future young talents.


Aice Mochi ice cream itself is one of Aice's favorite ice cream variants made from quality ingredients and can be a choice of snacks that are not only delicious but also healthy.


Senior Brand Manager and Spokesperson for Aice Group, Sylvana Zhong, revealed that one of the keys to sports development is certainly getting support from various parties, and Aice understands this very well.


This support is in line with Aice's commitment to creating happiness through the products presented and making positive contributions to society, especially in supporting sports events and initiatives.


"As part of Aice's mission to promote a healthy and active lifestyle among the younger generation, we hope that our support can encourage the emergence of young badminton talents ready to enhance Indonesia's reputation internationally," said Sylvana in a written statement on Monday (11/3).


Badminton is one of the sports that has brought many achievements and has successfully promoted Indonesia's name internationally. Throughout 2023, the Indonesian national badminton team managed to win several prestigious awards.


In men's singles, Indonesia managed to win several competitions, including the Indonesia Masters, Hong Kong Open, and French Open. In addition, Indonesia won the overall championship title at the 2023 SEA Games in Cambodia.


The Chairman of the Kudus PBSI District, Yuni Kartika, explained that the 2024 Senengminton event is one of the initiatives carried out to support the emergence of young Indonesian badminton talents.


This activity was initiated since June last year by holding coaching clinic sessions for elementary school teachers. The aim of this activity is to open badminton extracurricular activities in schools and introduce this sport to elementary school students.


"Kudus is one of the cities that has produced many badminton heroes. We hope that with activities like the 2024 Senengminton, not only will badminton be introduced to students, but also new champions will emerge from this city," said Yuni.


In the 2024 Senengminton Festival, participants competed in six types of competitions, including Service to Target, Throwing the Shuttlecock, Juggling Shuttlecock, Drive Target, Netting Target Between Ropes, and Shuttle Run Zig Zag.


In each skill test, each elementary school was represented by one team consisting of three personnel, including both male and female students. The winners of each competition were entitled to take home trophies, certificates, and prizes, including those from Aice.


Budi Darmawan, a representative from the Bakti Olahraga Djarum Foundation, welcomed the holding of this festival.


He believes that this activity will be a catalyst for the birth of new talents in the badminton arena in the future, and activities like this are much needed to be held regularly to increase the enthusiasm of the public in enjoying badminton sports.


The organization of the 2024 Senengminton was also positively welcomed by schools and participants alike.


Farida Hikmawati, a teacher from one of the participating schools, emphasized the importance of sports activities such as the Senengminton Festival in teaching students to be active and interact positively.


This activity can be one of the means for students to be physically active and exercise, as well as to foster their enthusiasm and spirit in playing badminton.


Meanwhile, Ignatia Sophie Puella Marcia Nurhadiprayitno and Kenzie Rasyid Prayogo, as participants, felt happy and enthusiastic to participate in the event with their friends.


The 2024 Senengminton Festival is expected to continue to motivate and inspire students in developing their interests and talents in badminton sports.


Source : Momsmoney

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