Aice Group CSR, Care for Indonesian Pandemics and Natural Disasters

Aice Group has built awareness in this CSR and collaborated with various competent parties in the region.

CSR Aice Group

In 2020, Aice group provided 27 million masks to help the community, as well as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) assistance to 14 hospitals. The masks and PPE were produced by the Aice group by empowering MSMEs.

CSR Aice Group

Aice Group itself is one of the selected finalists to take part in the 2021 TOP CSR Awards judging process, which this time carries the theme, 'The Strategic Role of CSR in Supporting Sustainable Business Continuity in the New Normal Period'. The 2021 TOP CSR Awards were held by TopBusiness Magazine in collaboration with several competent associations and consultants in the CSR field.

CSR Activity

Aice Group's concern has a very big meaning for the wider community. Therefore, Aice also distributed free ice cream to the public during the fasting month of Ramadan. In 2017, Aice gave away 5 million ice cream, 15 million ice cream in 2019, and 10,000 ice cream in 2020. This assistance provides various joys for the community when breaking the fast.